About Our Company

Agricano Agro Company Limited is a leading processor and supplier of Sisal fiber for sale from Kenya. We supply all varieties of sisal fiber ranging from sisal fiber ug grade, sisal fiber SSUG grade, sisal fiber short and long, Grade A and many more.

Sisal fiber is a raw material with unique advantages. It has the characteristics of long fiber, tough texture, elasticity, strong tensile force, tear resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, and fast moisture absorption and release. It is widely used in daily life and the manufacture of environmentally friendly products.


Agricano Agro Company Limited has the marketing arm of the largest group producing East African sisal on five large commercial farms which have a centralized processing operation, utilizing water to clean the fiber. We are leading exporters, traders, and wholesalers of Sisal Fiber of Kenyan origin worldwide. The Sisal produced on our farms in Kenya has been accepted in the industry as being of consistent quality and produced to a standard higher than the requirements of the Official Standard Specification for African sisal fiber.


Agricano Agro Company Limited

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